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Simone Eisenbeiss

Visit Simone's Instagram Page to view more of her collection:

At only 16 years old, Simone Eisenbeiss has already accomplished serious artistic and
altruistic credibility.

Her enchanting and mystically romantic illustrations feature an array of forest-dwelling creatures which she names as inspirations for this collection. The exhibit Guardians of the Forest at the René Miville Gallery is Simone’s debut in the United States, presenting graphite and color pencil drawings that are as endearing as they can be disconcerting. In her own words, Simone presents to her audience an access to the bridge between fantasy and reality, heaven and earth. 

This adept sensation of mysticism is what Simone seeks to find in her own ritual treks within the native Swiss forests that she calls home. To approach her work with admiration is to practice a form of empathy that Simone’s artwork calls attention for. These illustrations are directly forged through her deep connection with the prominently featured four-legged citizens of the wilderness.

By demonstrating the profound and overlooked natural beauty of these beings, she is raising a needed awareness to her audience’s relationship with nature. Her sophisticated style is recognizably mature for her age, but her artistic prowess is not the only thing about her age that transcends what we expect from the average teenager.

Actively aware of the state of our environment and the animals we share it with, Simone has supported her local Galgos rescue centers by donating a portion of the profits from some of her works. The sleek structure of Simone's creatures is directly inspired by that of the Galgos, or Spanish Greyhound, who annually experience a cruel and negligent genocide due to outdated traditions deeming the canines useless beyond a single hunting season. Her audience will find Simone's earnest effort to use her talent for an honorably noble cause inspiring.

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