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Shattered Glass Designs

Shattered Glass Designs uses everything from exquisite glass to repurposed glass of all types to create unique, one of kind pieces of art

Vadim & Company

Southwest Florida artists and collector Bill Rogers presents an intriguing assemblage of mid-century Asian and Eastern European antiques and art in his shop Vadim and Company. Enamored by the work of Salvador Dali, Rogers amassed an impressive collection ...

Higher Vibrations Source

Beverly and Scott, the owners of Higher Vibrations Source, come from a traditional medical background. Over the years, they came to learn and experience that there was more than just traditional Western medicine to aid in healing our body, mind ...

You Need Art

Leathers by Breed shop owner Jennifer Isaspda (Swift Wolf) Embrey, is a Native American from the Chiricahua-Apache tribe. The artist crafts a variety of Native American art by hand. From dream catchers to spirit baskets, medicine skulls, medicine bags, an ...

Nikki Taylor Artwork

Nikki Taylor is a native Floridian who specializes in intricate pen & ink art. She is a talented artist with a passion for capturing the natural world & the beauty within it.

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