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Danielle Branchaud


Danielle Branchaud born 1978 in Winnipeg, Ontario

Danielle Branchaud, who was born in Canada but has lived in Southwest Florida since the age of six, feels that becoming an artist was practically inevitable. A second generation artist, Danielle grew up surrounded by art, but while her mother was inspired by the landscape of Florida, Danielle's work is more introspective.

Danielle owes one of her biggest inspiration to dreams – even her nightmares. By reaching into her subconscious, her body of work exemplifies what she describes as "the things that we feel on the deepest level and often fail to acknowledge."

Through her artwork, Danielle hopes to help her audience better understand that the range of emotions from pain and sorrow to happiness and joy are universal to all. The subjects of her work are relatable in a way that we may see ourselves reflected in them. Danielle wants us to consider that "it could be me."

The exhibit shows five works by Danielle Branchaud, which reflect various states of consciousness; most of which Danielle accredits of being of a meditative nature.

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