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Cesar Aguilera


Cesar Aguilera born 1979 in Quito, Ecuador

Cesar Aguilera wields his paint brush as if it were a magic wand, casting color spells in hopes that they may erase the venomous wounds that humanity has afflicted upon itself and Mother Nature.

The devoted environmentalist currently resides in Naples, Florida.

From a young age, Cesar was possessed by a passion to change the injustice humans have brought upon humans, animals and the environment. While he studied environmental engineering in Ecuador, it was not until he moved to the United States that Cesar realized the potential in the power of art; how he could use art to invoke a change in the environment and life itself.

Cesar's art is inspired by the preservation of life. He focuses on how there is so much beauty in even the smallest things. He wishes to amplify the beauty of human achievement with the voice of his artwork, while still engaging a sense of urgency to preserve our natural wonders.

The exhibit shows three works by Cesar Aguilera concerning the often horrific reality of what goes on in the creation of the products and food that our consumerist society so willingly embraces and presenting ideas of what to do to reverse this.

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