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What's going on at The Franklin Shops

Upcoming Events


9.21 Music Walk with Jenny Ve

MUSIC WALK  Friday, September 21, 7–10pm

Jenny Vē

Jenny Vē is a local musician with a vibrant New York twist. Presenting a wide selection of tunes and bright eyed passion, Jenny performs live all over Southwest Florida. During Music Walk, she will entertain the crowd at The Franklin Shops (7-10pm). See you at the shops tonight!



ART WALK  Friday, October 5, 6–10pm

Ghostbird Theatre Company presents Windowstories

To join in the celebration of the tenth Anniversary of the Fort Myers Art Walk, the Ghostbird Theatre Company will stage a live performance in the front window of The Franklin Shops on Friday, October 5. The Windowstories, designed by Artistic Director Barry Cavin, will involve a continuous performance set within a rather dusty scene of books, puppets, umbrellas, brooms… Is it a broken fairy tale? A woman trapped in domesticity? A scene of how we make our own prisons or our own escapes? Barry Cavin: “This performance and installation piece also announces our theme for the upcoming Ghostbird season. We yearn for freedom, for new destinations and identities, while we are arrested by our fears that come with traveling away from captivity and toward our humanity.”



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