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Ferby Ferre Millinery

Ferby Ferre specializes in creating customized hats for women and men. Owner and designer Ferby Fernandez uses vintage millinery machines from the 18th century that have been adapted to modern production processes. Often called "the king of crowns", Ferby was born between the sea and palm trees in the Dominican Republic. At 17 years old, he moved to New York City where his brother worked with a designer and taught him how to sew hats. He then started working with a hat designer in Manhattan, where he gained more experience and eventually ventured out on his own. He lived in a Jewish neighborhood in Long Island where he supplied hats to stores in an exclusive area, as well as several boutiques in Manhattan, SoHo, and the Village. Ferby makes hats ranging from simple to sophisticated for various occasions, such as the Kentucky Derby, everyday wear, formal events, and church. Helped by his wife Mariela, Ferby is expanding his client base in Southwest Florida by crafting hats for beach, resort, and cruise.

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