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Daniela Martinez


Daniela Martinez born 1992 in Bogota, Columbia

At age 22, Daniela Martinez is the youngest artists featured in the opening exhibit. Just as some might be born with a silver spoon in the mouth, Daniela was born with a crayon in her hand. Every single one of her pieces is an independently produced self portrait using a remote controlled camera.

Daniela's organic artistic process can be compared to that of the legendary Cindy Sherman. The variety in Daniela's work is a result of an aspiration to use art for self-expression. The range of the characters she creates – from a Barbie Doll to a Zombie – reflects her inner diversity. Her artworks are manifestations of her daily life experiences, reflecting happiness or despair.

Daniela Martinez has an impeccable hand with light and computer editing, techniques she taught herself watching video tutorials online.
Two of Daniela's series are presented in this show. Her doll collection represents the plasticity of people's personalities exhibited on the outside, while the silver metal printed series stars her own pet tarantula, Kitten. The eerily tangibility of these self portraits with her tarantula shows us how even something that is usually viewed with hatred or disgust can be seen as beautiful and gentle.

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